Auto, Truck, or Motorcycle Accidents in New York

Auto Accident in New York - Schonberg Law Offices | Central Valley | New York
New York is considered a “No-Fault Insurance” state. This means if you are injured in a car/truck accident (not motorcycle), the insurance carrier who insures your vehicle, pays for your medical treatment, medication, travel expenses and lost wages regardless of who is at fault.

At Schonberg Law we will assist you in preparing documentation for your No-Fault claim. Our job is to help you receive the highest amount of compensation against the insurance company and the person who was responsible. New York State Law requires that you must have a “serious injury” to receive compensation, which includes but is not limited to a broken bone, scarring, and serious complaints to your neck, back and other body parts.
Schonberg Law will help you in determining whether you have sustained a serious injury which can be compensated.

The staff at Schonberg Law will help you to achieve success either by settlement and/or the unlikely event of a trial. We are here to help you.