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A Letter from Bruce Schonberg

Schonberg law office staff - Attorney and staff in Central Valley, NY
Dealing with insurance companies can be like playing a game of chess. I know this from experience. Before I became an attorney representing injured parties in motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury victims, I represented the interests of State Farm, Nationwide and Allstate here in New York. Because of this, like a chess player, I have the ability to anticipate what the next move of the insurance companies will be. I know how they operate and how they think. This knowledge and understanding of their mindset is something I now use to aggressively fight for a better outcome and result.
Most people who meet me think of me as a nice guy. I am told that by judges, my clients and even insurance company claim adjusters. However, if the insurance company does not play fair or does not attempt to settle the case to allow my client's fair and full compensation, I will aggressively and zealously pursue his or her claim through trial.
My firm and I understand what you, as an injured person, are going through both physically and mentally. We understand the frustrations of dealing with insurance carriers and medical professionals. My staff and I take pride in our ability to help you through the maze and barriers of red tape put up by no-fault companies, workers' compensation carriers and other bureaucratic entities that make your life difficult during a very trying period of medical recovery.
You need an aggressive attorney who knows how to maneuver through the system that has been established in personal injury litigation. Certainly, I will attempt to settle your case — which we do over 98% of the time prior to going to trial. However, if the insurance company is not negotiating fairly to my satisfaction and yours, I have the experience and knowledge to fight for you in the courts of New York state. Sincerely, Bruce Schonberg