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Slips, Trips, & Falls - Personal Injury Cases in New York

Caution for wet floor - Slip and fall accident in Central Valley, NY
If you are injured because of a slippery surface (snow, ice, water, oil) or trip on a neglected surface, you may have a claim against the owner or tenant responsible for the property upkeep. The law requires that the landlord and/or responsible tenant provide a safe, clean, undamaged surface for persons walking and/or traversing on their property. In addition, the law requires that the landlord knew, should have known or created the condition that caused you to fall.
Here at Schonberg Law we will explore all avenues including retaining an engineer, having our investigator go to the scene, etc. to help determine the landowners responsibility and help you to receive fair and just compensation. In many circumstances, the property owners are large corporations and you need a lawyer that is willing to fight for you and stand up to their insurance carriers and/or attorneys. We at Schonberg Law have years of experience in representing our clients to a successful completion of their claim against the negligent party.